Once upon a time..

My name is Marc Cosculluela (25yrs) and I am a Product Designer formed at ELISAVA, Barcelona (2017). Nowadays, I’m working as a bicycle mechanic. Moreover, I participate in fashion, urban art & serigraphy projects w/ some friends, to give a rest to my mind.

Working with many people from different fields, is what has opened my vision.

In one of those adventures, I have participated in a project (in collaboration with Seat S.A. and Rückerlypsa S.L.U.) that led our team to win a prize (Seat Best Project Design Award) and to be finalists to another one. - “Premis ei!".

“Real dialogue isn’t about talking to people who believe the same things as you.”
Zygmunt Bauman

Studying global design it has been fundamental, in order to be able to have a general basis. To know about: product design, graphic design, space design, interaction design... because I am of the belief that a good designer should has a strong knowledge about all job categories. Actually, I would like to work in as many fields as possible.

I rather to develop my work as a team player, to learn from the others and to put more eyes on my projects. Nevertheless, the design methodology is the same as working alone.

Firstly, I do a research. Secondly, while sketching, I project the ideas that pass through my head into the sheet. After that, I usually attack the 3D model with Rhinoceros. Later on, I finish with Keyshot and/or Photoshop.

︎ +34 660-507-702

︎  coscu95@icloud.com

Cosculluela design. Barcelona.