BALA is a semi-autonomous vehicle that has as user the police force of Barcelona in the year 2030.
This two-seater transport is born from a problem that exists in many streets of Barcelona, which are very narrow and difficult to manoeuvre.

What I propose with BALA is a versatile vehicle like a motorcycle, but with the services that the car can offer, such as being able to take detainees.

These futuristic vehicles would move in pairs, occupying the width of a car when they go in parallel, with the advantage of being able to separate when the police require it.

The interior is divided into two parts: one for the police, the back, from where he would control the vehicle (through a touch bar); and the front, in which depending on the occasion would be occupied by a detainee or an important personality.

Front                                                                                               Back
Cosculluela design. Barcelona.