Pantone Shelve

Regarding the structure of the shelf, it is designed to enter a workspace, it is an "office" shelf. It is made of aluminium all of it, but it creates an optical effect through the finishes: the wall behind the books is polished in such a way that it lengthens the separators and provides a fictitious depth.

Is a series of separators that can be of any colour that the Pantone® brand can offer. These are accompanied by an aluminium self that follows the thin and light image of the separators.

The shape of the separators allows you to place them anywhere on the shelf, without limiting them to position them in a certain place. Once we have entered the plate through its "c" elongated shape, we can move them freely and make the colour combinations we want.

As a brand for the production of this shelf I have chosen Pantone, although they do not dedicate themselves to the manufacture of physical products aside from the colour displays, because it is the one that I can extract more juice with the concept of multicolourism.

Cosculluela design. Barcelona.