In a future in which technology will solve our lives and we will not do scarcely efforts, surrounded by screens and in a constant exhibition with artificial light; we think that disconnecting will be a privilege.

Seat OM offers an individual sharing service that is born of the need of creating an autonomous car focused on tours of long distance. Thanks to the different stimulant activities as chromotherapy, binaural sounds, and experiences capable of waking up five senses.

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These activities are found in some predefined use cases, which make the flex zone change, in which the user is located.

The management and the control of the interior are both carried out by means of the interaction with Psiball of OM, an intelligent hologram.

When the user enters the vehicle and is already sitting in the Flex Zone, to his left has a compartment to leave the shoes and to his right a shallow compartment in which to deposit personal items such as the wallet, the keys, the mobile, etc.

All the side compartment covers hold the material in the same way as the luggage compartments, but if they are opened in another way: after a slight pressure of the user, the cover will move downwards, then hide to a side and show the compartment, which will rise to the edge.

The fourth compartment is part of one of the activities carried out on all trips, an experience that gives more power to the service. It is a tray in which there are four spherifications of food, one of water and the other three of healthy foods with different textures and juices that contribute a plus to the experience of Seat OM.

The interior space, pure and clean, adapts to the needs of the user at all times. The idea arising from different references of the world of science fiction cinema can mutate to sinuous shapes that could remind us of waves of the sea or the dance of the grass with the wind. Defined according to measures that have been sought by doing full-scale tests, it defines a habitat for the user of 2,600mm long by 1,100mm wide.

This area is where the person who contracts the service will remain throughout the trip. An area where you can crawl, rotate on your axis and get on your knees, thanks to the large space and the height of the dome.
Around this, an area also comfortable, but not flexible as the center.

Access to the vehicle is made through a sliding door halfway behind the vehicle, which opens to the rear (there is a door on both sides of the carriage).

The bed area includes intelligent dim lighting that keeps pace with the sounds and activity that is being performed at that time.

The bed can give certain therapeutic massages to relax and to rest with great comfort and emits certain vibrations simulating the typical purr of a cat. It also has the particularity of elastically deforming to move from a completely flat surface to a semi-seat shape where the user can be reclined, or go on to form random mini dunes.

The mattress is made from a set of materials arranged by layers. In the lower layer we find a velcro surface that joins the pistons with the foam, then there is a foam layer that houses an SMD LEDS mesh, finally, there is a 3d-Spacer fabric that transmits a good perspiration and comfort to the user.

The person can be on both the changing surface and the compartment area, since both ones like the others are dressed in a 3D fabric that provides the comfort and comfortable temperature you need at all times; thanks to the sandwich structure, arranged in three layers: two exteriors and an interior structure that gives it the quilted appearance and properties defined above.

Comfort and ease of perspiration are outstanding qualities of 3D fabrics; in addition, it allows the dispersion of the pressure (resilience), it allows a good transpiration and facilitates the washing and the quick drying.

These tissues can provide multiple properties depending on various parameters. There is the possibility of developing 3D fabrics with different thicknesses, finishes on different faces, etc. In the case of Seat OM the bed is white and the area of compartments light gray, to give more visual space inside the vehicle.

Privacy is a factor of weight for Seat OM, service designed for one person per trip, where the objective is to make it reach its destination as relaxed as possible, without tension.

The exterior design of the vehicle has a simple and symmetrical global form to four bands, that gives a friendly attitude, which accompanies the user to enter with confidence in an experience that is far from reality, a reality in which it is expected that rest will be a luxury since at all times the society will be connected.

The dome, which is the largest part of the vehicle, is supported by an area of interior uprights, which also accompany light and sound the user experience. These rest on a base, where the sheet metal zone begins. This has a cut in diagonal, that integrates the dome with the sheet to create a whole, unit.

All these mutations that can adapt the bed, is thanks to the mechanism that hides in the interior. The system is an array of pistons double-acting telescopic cylinders spread over the entire surface that allow deformation of the central part of the interior of the vehicle.

In the near future, the vast majority of vehicles will be autonomous, this disruptive technology will completely change the automotive industry as we know it now. From this paradigm shift arise several questions and concerns: How could be the appearance of the vehicle if it does not have to look like a car anymore? How will this automation work in the interaction between the human being and the vehicle?

Cosculluela design. Barcelona.